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Discover all BALI catamaran models 2023-06-25 16-59-26_edited.jpg

Dolphin Sail Charters can help you navigate on your adventures with a team of brokers and network of seasoned experts that can help steer you in what can be a turbulent passage to ownership, yacht sales and sailing charters.


Areas where we can assist include: 

Yacht sailing charters

Reduced cost of ownership programs

Sailing lessons & certification

Looking for a sailing charter vacation, Dolphin Sail Charters works with a well seasoned sailing charter basecamp and management team with over 30 years of charter management experience.  Based out of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, there are over 50 islands to explore.  The smaller boutique charter team offers opportunities to customize and personalize your vacation in ways the major charter operators cannot match.


If yacht ownership is of interest to you, our network of experienced yacht buyers’ brokerage team delivers a vast array of knowledge, from taxes, yacht management and purchasing, our network will help make the experience of ownership less stressful.  Charter ownership programs can also help offset the cost of ownership tailored to your personal situation. 


If a sailing charter vacation has impressed you and left you wanting more or the thought of yacht ownership has crossed your mind then the sailing academy ASA & RYA sailing certifications can help bring your skill and experience to the next level to help make your dream of sailing and or ownership a closer reality.

Discover all BALI catamaran models 2023-
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Holiday Destination
Holiday Destination

TropiCat - Available for Charter - Winter 2023/2024

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