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The British Virgin Islands comprise of about 60 islands. These islands are located in the Virgin Islands archipelago, a few miles east of the US Virgin Islands, and about 95km (59 Miles) from the Puerto Rican mainland.  Enjoy a variety of excursions to well known destinations or plan a itinerary to less traveled locations.

With so many choices to explore recommend purchasing a cruising guide to help you with planning and or understanding the locations available to explore.

7 Night Sample Sailing Charter Itinerary in the British Virgin Islands (BVI)

Day 1 - Dockside

Spend the evening relaxing from the travel to the island.  Stowing all luggage and getting settled into the the living quarters and having a drink in preparation for the upcoming week of adventure.

Day 2 - Norman Island

Named after a 18th century pirate, rumors abound of many pirates hiding treasure on the island.  Norman Island is reported to be the inspiration for the book Treasure Island by Richard Lewis Stevenson.  Norman Island is an easy sail from Tortola, enjoy paddle boarding, hiking, cave exploring and west-view sunsets.  Visit Willy T's floating bar, and Pirates Bight for a wonderful dinner.

Day 3 - Cooper Island

Manchioneel Bay is one of the Department of Conservation Sea Grass monitoring sites and crucial to the health of the marine environment. Snorkeling on both sides of the bay provide wonderful views of a variety of sea-life.  Explore Wreck Alley also Marie L is a cargo boat that was sunk – along with the Beata & Pat, this created great underwater scenery for divers; these wrecks can be found on the south-western side of Cooper Island. These wrecks are very close to a reef wall wonderfully coated with some of the most vibrant colored corals. After a day of adventures stop at the Cooper Island Beach for some rum tasting at the Coopers Island Rum Bar & Microbrewery.

Day 4 - Virgin Gorda

Explore the wonderfully large granite boulders called the Baths, formed over 70 million years ago from volcanic flows.   If you were looking for a less busy view of similar magnitude, Spring bay, is the lesser known and lesser frequented area with the same large granite boulders as the Baths. Rounding out the natural formations are the sites of Fallen Jerusalem and the Cathedral.  Just between Spanish Town and the Baths is a reef with pillar coral formations, you can see schools of French grunts and moray eels tucked under ledges. The Aquarium is rather densely textured with lots of rocks and boulders piled up on one another creating a network of small grottos and dens filled with fishes. If you can find the time, you can stop at Leverick Bay Resort and Marina to grab a bite to eat and or re-provision at the market for any items that are needed.

Day 5 - Anegada

Take a taxi or scooter rental to Cow Wreck Beach Bar for lunch.  There are nearby gift shops. Visit the beautiful Loblolly Bay for wonderful snorkeling, and stop at Big Bamboo for a drink or snack. If you are looking for a delightful dinner ashore, make reservations at Anegada Reef Hotel, the Potter’s by the Sea or the Wonky Dog to give your taste buds a treat with the famous Anegada lobster. Anegada Reef Hotel can also assist in organizing taxi transportation to get the most of your time on the island.

Day 6 - Jost Van Dyke

With a population of only 300 it is very laidback, it is also known as “bare foot island”.  White Bay is beautiful and popular beach to explore. White Bay has numerous bars and restaurants dotting the shores so that you can easily access a bar and food quickly. We definitely recommend trying one of the famous “Painkiller” cocktails which originated at the Soggy Dollar Bar. Some other fine bars to visit are Hendo's Hideout, Coco Loco and of course visit is Foxy’s Tamarind Bar in Great Harbour, where you can grab some lunch and listen to live entertainment along the beach side. 

Day 7 - Peter Island / Cooper Island / Norman Island

On the final day of your charter, picking one of these islands will keep you with 1:15 hours of base camp.  Take your pick on what activities you would like to do on your last day. Discover Peter Island. There are several good beaches here, Deadman Bay is reputedly one of the best in the BVIs. Stay and relax or hike over to the windward beach. Stick around for lunch before deciding between Great Harbour or Little Harbour for your night’s mooring. Peter Island has a luxury resort, so you can definitely take time from swimming and sunbathing to get pampered and massaged, if you need a little recharge.

Quick sample of a 10 day sailing itinerary

Day 1 Treasure Pt. / Norman Island


Day 2 - Pelican Island / Jost VanDyke

Day 3 - Sandy Cay / Little Jost Van Dyke 

Day 4 - Bubbly Pool / Cane Garden Bay

Day 5 - Monkey Point / Marina Cay

Day 6 - The Baths / Gorda Sound

Day 7 - Anegada

Day 8 - Anegada / Gorda Sound

Day 9 - The Dogs / Cooper Island

Day 10 - Salt Island / Peter Island 

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