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Bali Catamarans

BALI CATAMARANS offers you an innovative and unique concept in response to new styles of boating. BALI Catamarans are an incarnation of openness and the new art of living. Open-mindedness, openness to life, openness to the sea and to nature, openness to others.

New Catsmart.jpg

Sail 38'

At 38 feet in length, the BALI CATSMART remains faithful to the DNA of the brand, including the “BALI door” and the rigid deck of the forward cockpit that made the BALI reputation. This model also offers twin helm stations for easy sailing manoeuvres and helming. A boat perfectly adapted to leisure sailing and enjoying family time at anchor.

Catamaran BALI CATSPACE SAIL 2023-06-23 18-31-46.jpg

Sail 40'

The CATSPACE is a 40-foot catamaran that combines all the innovations expected from a BALI. Her inverted bows, a signature element of models in the BALI range, offer a pronounced design. The integral deck allows for fluid circulation between the various spaces and ease of moving around while under way. The “BALI door” amplifies the living space of the saloon-cockpit area. Thanks to the large windows, the interior is bathed in light.

New Bali-Catspace.jpg
BALI CATAMARANS BALI 4.2 2023-06-23 18-39-47.jpg

Sail 42'

The BALI 4.2 presents all the innovations aboard a boat signed by BALI CATAMARANS. In addition to the essential “BALI door”, there is direct access between the galley and the foredeck through a watertight door, without needing to go round the outside. The various relaxation areas, found on the flybridge and in the rigid forward cockpit offer comfortable sun loungers simply inviting you to laze around and relax.

Sail 44'

The BALI 4.4 is the embodiment of technology developed by CATANAGROUP. BALI models are unique and instantly recognisable. The key word for this model is openness: thanks to the “BALI door”, the large windows and the various openings found aboard the boat, the outside is inviting itself inside.

Catamaran BALI 4.4 - New model BALI CATAMARANS 2023-06-23 18-45-22.jpg
Catamaran BALI 4.6 - pictures, plans and features 2023-06-23 18-59-46.jpg

Bali 4.6

Sail 46'

Standing out among her peers, the BALI 4.6 features elegant lines. The saloon-cockpit area offers all the BALI revolutions. The “BALI door” and the large openings, letting in natural ventilation and abundant light, are the very definition of the OpenSpace concept. The BALI 4.6 boasts delightful seating where well-being and comfort are the order of the day. This model is available in several configurations: 4, 5 or 6 cabins.

Sail 48'

The BALI 4.8 embodies the art of French living. This 48-footer features all the assets of the BALI CATAMARANS range: her slender, straight bows creating elegant lines, her numerous storage spaces, her contemporary design, and of course, the “BALI door”. Whether under way or at anchor, you can go from the saloon to the forward cockpit in the blink of an eye through the watertight door. Whether revictualling or going ashore, a simple and practical davit system makes it very easy access the tender.

Catamaran BALI 4.8 - pictures, plans and features 2023-06-23 19-06-28.jpg
Catamaran BALI 5.4 - pictures, plans and features 2023-06-23 19-10-51.jpg

Sail 54'

The BALI 5.4 is an exceptional 54-foot catamaran and is the flagship of the BALI CATAMARANS range. Thanks to innovations and technologies from CATANAGROUP, this boat features cleverly designed spaces allowing everyone on board to enjoy the various different areas, either with family, friends or in complete privacy. This flagship of the fleet offers 126m² of usable space, a fully fitted L-shaped galley, the famous “BALI door” and very large windows. More than ever, the emphasis is on the OpenSpace concept. The 5.4 can accommodate up to 6 double cabins and 6 bathrooms of exceptional size and comfort.

Motoryacht 40'

Like her sailing BALI sisterships, the CATSPACE Motoryacht features the large “BALI door”, allowing for wide open spaces and a 360° view. This 40-foot catamaran is designed to accommodate 6 to 10 guests on board. The integral foredeck gives plenty of space for large sun-lounging areas, as does the flybridge.

Bali Catspace MY Power Catamaran _ Catamaran Guru 2023-06-23 19-17-16.jpg
Bali 4.3 Motor Yacht _ Catamaran Guru 2023-06-23 20-57-11.jpg

Motoryacht 43'

Just like the sailing yachts in the BALI range, the 4.3 Motoryacht features all the innovations that have made the brand so successful. A large living area that extends to the exterior thanks to the “BALI door”. The rigid foredeck fitted out with sun loungers, and the interior and exterior layout combine to offer remarkable living space and comfort.

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